Walt told Jesse about Jane. I thought we were going to have the full redemption arc with Jesse included, and then he goes and tells Jesse that he could have saved Jane but instead watched her die. He did it solely to crush Jesse and let that knowledge eat at him while he is interrogated by Todd and co. and eventually killed by them. No mercy whatsoever. The depth of Jesse’s betrayal stung him that much. It’s awfully hard to watch as a viewer because we know that Jesse betrayed Walt because he thought Walt betrayed him first. So, when Walt told Jesse about Jane, I actually gasped out loud. I couldn’t believe he shared that last ghastly detail. Brock was enough. But no, Walt had to throw that last punch. It speaks to how much he really did care about Jesse. I underestimated that. And watching Jesse plead with Walt to spare him while Todd’s uncle (I can’t be bothered with remembering his name because I loathe that damn character.) was preparing to execute him was heartbreaking. That scene was a nice parallel to the scene with Hank, Walt and Todd’s uncle where Walt was pleading with Todd’s uncle to spare Hank. Hank looks at Walt and tells him to be the smartest man he has ever known, he’s an idiot because Todd’s uncle made up his mind 10 minutes ago. Walt’s mind was made up about Jesse similarly. There was never a chance for mercy when Jesse stepped out of the car with Hank and Gomez. That betrayal was too much for Walt to ever forgive. And my hopes for a renewal of Jesse and Walt’s affection were shattered. (Ed. Note: I worded this incorrectly. I wanted a renewal of Walt’s affection for Jesse. I want Jesse to continue to seek revenge on Walt. I’m afraid Jesse might need that edge if he’s to prevail.) This sets up for the finale I’ve been hoping for in which Jesse and Walt have the ultimate showdown and Jesse kills him hopefully easing some of his emotional pain in the process. After all, I’d argue they’ve both been the protagonists in this madness, and it all began with the two of them in that RV out in the desert. That’s the scene they led with. It began with the two of them, and it has to end with the two of them. A showdown between Jesse and Walt certainly feels ultimately right. Dark vs. Light. Good vs. Evil. Strong vs. Weak. They are opposites. I’m sure I’m completely missing the boat, here, but I really hope this is where we are heading.


  • The scene with Walt rolling his barrel of money across the deserted land looking for some means of getting it back with that music in the background was pure genius.
  • I really kind of hated Marie when she was present during Skyler’s tell-all with Walt Jr./Flynn. I felt that was something that should have been private, and I realize that she didn’t think Skyler would tell him otherwise, but still, butt out, lady! And if you’re going to be in the room? Shut up and let them talk!! Of course the whole time I knew she was about to find out that Hank was dead, so I felt terrible for hating her.
  • Hank’s dying was painful. Glad they had him go out bad ass style. I think the flicker of respect he was able to finally feel for Walt was oddly helpful for him. I know that’s an incredibly odd thing to say. But Hank has an ego a mile wide. It would be even worse for him to die knowing that these events were brought about by an idiot instead of someone he ultimately came to consider an able adversary. It helped of course that Walt wanted to save him at all costs. Hank knew what it meant for Walt to offer up the cash. The ultimate gesture.
  • That phone call between Walt and Skyler started out just subtly enough that I thought “Hmmm, he sounds kind of deliberate.” Then, I finally caught on. I don’t know if Skyler will play along, but I think she will for the kids. And of course it won’t matter because Walt’s trying to blow town in Jesse’s rejected escape hatch probably means that she and the kids could be used as targets that someone can use to lure Walt back. Oh man, tell me Jesse wouldn’t do that… Of course, he’s got the picture of his own “family” pinned on the wall of his new workplace as motivation, so he just might do something that awful. And then I’ll have to change my definition of who is participating in the showdown. Then, it’s Dark vs. Completely Broken/Dark. That’s not quite the showdown I want to see, but it certainly sounds a lot like Breaking Bad. And I’ll still be firmly on Team Jesse.
  • Again, I have to say that the acting on this show is just incredible. I watch the show for the storyline, but I always want to watch it again to enjoy these incredible actors reminding me that I’m entranced with the storyline because they are so good at their craft.

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  1. kathe


    Here’s what I’ll say about that episode: read the poem “Ozymandias.” That says it all.

    I vaguely remember reading it in high school . . .

    • Reply

      I dig that this poem was the focus of this episode. I kinda geeked out on that as an English major. Having said that, I missed out on this poem in high school, so this was my opportunity to dig into it, and boy, are you right!!!

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