I’m sorry to say that I watched Walt’s video fauxfession and Hank’s and Marie’s reactions with amusement instead of disgust or disapproval. What does this say about me? As is appropriate for his character, I’ve lost all compassion for Walt’s situation. Dude is a murderer of the very worst degree as we are reminded and Jesse is sadly clued in on by the end of the ep. And, the fact that he found the way to neutralize Hank while pushing his buttons so effectively made me wonder if Hank was headed for a heart attack by the end of the episode. Yet, I found myself enjoying the maneuvering even including the way he essentially played Walt, Jr. by the timing of his reveal of his cancer’s return.

Of course, the most tense and emotional scenes of this episode involved Jesse. First there was his meeting with Walt where he begs Walt to stop pretending that he ever really cared about him in the first place. Listen, I’m an awkward hugger, but I’ve never delivered a hug as awkward as the one Walt forces on Jesse. Of course I’ve never been in the situation where I’ve given someone the choice between a rock and a dead place either. Maybe that’s the difference. The scene with Saul (And Saul! Look at Jesse! Where is your compassion, man?!?) was so sad where he’s packing poor Jesse away so as to protect the dying monster they’re all afraid of. Saul, give Jesse his final tokes for the love of all that is sane and good. You’re killing him and you know it. Allow him that small measure of peace. And as Jesse at the last second before it’s too late, put the final puzzle pieces into place and figured out the really horrifying truth about Brock, it was electrifying to watch him come roaring back. My love for Jesse and Aaron Paul knows no bounds, so the final minutes of ‘Confessions’ were my favorite. And the final shot in particular. Go, Jesse, go! I should mention that since we know that the home isn’t burned from that flash forward, I do have some concerns as to what might stop Jesse’s momentum on the fireball he’s clearly working on at the close of this ep…

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  1. kathe


    I have a bad feeling that Todd is the next to go.

    Watching Walt manipulate his own son left me in awe of the depths of his depravity. But I had to chuckle at Walt’s aw-shucks gift of mind fuckery.

    I watched the videoed confession with my mouth open. I never thought of that angle! Of course, we already knew that Hank is essentially screwed when it comes to turning Walt in due to the large amount of meth money that covered his rehabilitation, but once again, I was impressed by Walt’s powers. So evil! So cunning!

    I can’t quite buy that Jesse figured out the ricin cigarette thing so quickly and so surely. Was it because he reached for a cig while waiting for the man with his new identity, saw his crumpled pack, remembered his bump into Hewell, what? Or because he was looking for his baggie of pot and couldn’t find it, figured out that Hewell took it, made the jump from there? That whole sequence was kind of a big leap for me. Didn’t Jesse “find” the ricin cig in his Roomba? And how much did Walt fill Saul in on that whole plan?

    My husband thinks that Jesse is Walt’s secret son from his relationship with Gretchen.

    • Reply

      I love reading your thoughts on the episodes! You always take me down a different path. It never occurred to me to worry for Todd’s safety. But you certainly have me thinking now. I know he’s got a special place in your heart, so I’ll root for him to avoid Heisenberg’s ice-cold gun. (Loved watching Walt feign calm after he squealed into the carwash parking lot so he could retrieve the gun from the vending machine.) I certainly think Todd’s call to Walt was ill-advised based on your comment. Hey Todd, let him forget you exist if at all possible….

      I watched the video with my mouth open, too. Literally. It made me laugh when I realized that I was sitting there watching the entire scene with my mouth wide open. 🙂

      I’m with you on the ricin cigarette thing. I thought that was a bit of a leap. I tried to rationalize it that Jesse knew Huell had lifted both the dope and the Hello Kitty phone and it just made him start to think back to when he couldn’t find the ricin cigarette? I’m with you though. It seemed somewhat hard to believe that he would be able to make that logic jump. And like you said, it was in the Roomba and then it was explained away again. I don’t know…. But I’ll go along just because I loved the result.

      Jesse is Walt’s secret son. I like it, particularly if Walt’s demise comes at the hands of Jesse!

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