So, I’m working busily a couple of days ago. Busily working. Busy busy busy. Productive as all get out. And I hear someone walking by saying, “When a problem comes along…” And my brain got very very excited and immediately supplied me with “…you must whip it” and insisted that my mouth produce it. So I ran with it. Come on, it’s Devo. And the two of us (plus my brain shouting in my poor, sad head) ran with a couple of the lines of the song, and the normal person returned to his day. I, however, saddled with a brain that poses jauntily beside the word neurotic in the dictionary, spent a few minutes running through the song in its entirety in my head complete with the video visual from back in the day. Which was fun. And nostalgic. Until my brain thought I was on board for three more rounds of this. Which. NO! So, I struggled mightily to return to a place of productivity.

And then, just as I thought I was getting it back together, my brain went to the place of crazy. The inner dialogue that I was stuck listening to [held hostage listening to, I should say] as I tapped my foot impatiently trying to get back to work, I mean, SERIOUSLY, BRAIN!!! went something like this:

Weren’t those adorable idiots wearing SLEEVELESS black turtles with Lego-licious, round towers on their heads? Those dudes sure brought the crazy. Wait, Whip It. Wasn’t there another song called Whip It? That’s not possible, right? How did that go? 

Wanna see you whip it (not right, btw — just looked that up),
Sure could treat you right
Give me just a minute
Of your time tonight

Oh you sweet, stupid fool! That’s Let It Whip by the Dazz Band. Wait, which one was in Pitch Perfect? Oh right, Let It Whip. Glad I remembered that. Hilarious. Love those Trebles.

And then, people, my mind went on a tangent so bizarre that I can’t begin to remember where it began or ended because every weird step of that trail was totally unrelated to the piece that preceded and the piece that followed. The trail, she is cold. My brain, she is hopeless.

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