Does anyone else cringe the morning after an event remembering things you did or said? Does anyone do this even though you attended the event with zero alcohol on board? I saw one of my friends that I only get to see at these events. I enjoy her company so much, and I heard an exuberant “Whazzup!” come out of my mouth the minute I saw her. First and foremost, nobody says that anymore, duh! (Also, nobody says duh anymore. Noted.) Second, we were at a black-tie event. It really calls for more refined greetings instead of beer-soaked ones. Then when she tells me that I look great, I nod instead of saying thanks! and tell her how great she looks. I never think I look great. I have mirrors to tell me the situation, and tomorrow’s post on hair will explain more on this. Yet, to an outsider it’s like, “Damn right I look great. It really goes without saying. Now let’s talk about how great you look!” GAH! Social skills meet Stephanie.

This theme’s event was pretty crazy in that I could never quite figure out what it was. When we arrived, we thought the theme was ‘I Love Lucy’ because of the “Lucy” and the “Italian woman” in the barrel “stomping grapes” and “fighting.” But then random “Roman” people were milling about and then I thought I saw “Caesar” and then I stopped “caring.”

Also, at the event we noticed more than one kilt. And my friend said the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. When I said something along the lines of, kilts, why? She said, “Because kilts are always an option.” And, clearly she’s onto something there. To at least a few attendees, kilts are indeed always an option. I did a very quick search to see if kilts are the new black tie attire or if this event had a triple dog dare at the bottom of the invite regarding kilts, but found nothing. So, these men just wanted to show off their new kilt, or their legs, or their ability to accessorize, or they needed the twig and berries to feel unencumbered for the evening as it is rumored that the danglies are swinging free under there. I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor.

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