OK, full disclosure. We had birds last year and the year before. I bore them ill will. I’m just gonna come clean on that. But it’s because they built their nest on the top ledge of the covered front porch and, as my brother hilariously put it, used our front porch “as their personal latrine.” I believe they used us for target practice though I’m pleased to report that at no time were they successful in hitting us. Nevertheless, by the time they moved out, the front porch looked very nasty indeed. Matthew spent a lot of time cleaning that mess up, and we made sure to remove all evidence of their presence so that when they swung by this year to find a nesting place they might forget about the success of the previous location. We made sure to give glowering looks every time we entered and exited that door lest they be scouting, and when we saw a bird, we made sure to quickly explain that the ledge over the front porch was a death trap location for baby birds due to the new cat we had recently acquired and installed nearby. So, when they made their nest in the holly tree this year and we were able to enjoy these little guys while avoiding their excrement? Happy days are here again! And now, I want to pick the three of them up and hug them and pet them and squeeze them and make them mine. And name them George I, II and III.

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