I watched the pilot of Better Call Saul and had nearly the exact same experience as I did with Breaking Bad in that I had very low expectations and was blown away and instantly sold by the time the episode was over. I think that’s far less remarkable when you look back at the Breaking Bad pilot since that episode was so chock full of crazy and new and awesome. But Better Call Saul had a nearly zero chance of living up to its pedigree. I didn’t even tune in until I’d heard some good feedback on the pilot. So, I gave it a try and I’m so glad I did. Odenkirk was my biggest concern and turned out to be the greatest gift. That man has far more range than you’d ever know from the Saul character. And herein lies my problem. The finale left me with little doubt that Jimmy is on the highway to Saul now. I fully expect that next season’s opener will lead with the disappearance of that beater car of his and much of the charm of this season with it.

Look. I love Saul. But I love Saul in small doses. I found that I love Jimmy in large doses. As a leading character. So, I have concerns for the next season. I’ll be there of course. Everybody associated with the show so far has been killing it. I have to trust that they know what they’re doing and that spending more time with Jimmy isn’t in the best interest of the show. But I can’t lie. I really wanted to see Jimmy take on Chuck the legit way. Get on that partner track, even briefly, just long enough to make Chuck regret the way he’d killed Jimmy’s chances. Dare I say even make Chuck watch the eventual morph to Saul and feel that the fault for that might actually be as much Chuck’s as Jimmy’s? But, it doesn’t look like that’s a possibility. Whatever happens, I have such a newfound respect for Odenkirk that I’m going to be there to see it all play out.

See you next season!

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