I got to be an unwilling observer of one of those uncomfortable group dynamics this afternoon at the pool. Yay! A group of fathers were having a good time together and downed a considerable number of brewskis while gossiping about this and that. Don’t tell me men don’t gossip. I have proof. Everything was going well and a nice little party atmosphere had descended upon that area of the pool, but it quickly became apparent that one sad dad had clearly downed five too many. There must have been some sort of group declaration that it was time to visit the pool en masse because the group got up as one and migrated to the pool. The sad dad stumbled over to the pool with them and began launching his kids to and fro. Into the water thankfully, so good news on that front. Unfortunately, one of his kids landed fully and loudly on his belly on one of the launches, and I watched as he surfaced panicking because he couldn’t catch his breath after the belly flop. I had to restrain myself before he rallied and dog-paddled his way to the nearest parent and clutched him desperately around the neck. There were more tosses and hurls and flings, and I watched as the other dads in the group began giving the dude the eye like who’s going to go over and tell him he needs to take a timeout. They were also beginning to receive the kids as they were being launched, so I was able to stand down on the sidelines. The pool atmosphere turned a bit dark at that point, so we left. Weird afternoon.

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