Siri, will you join me in the shower?

Writing’s hard, y’all. I’m not talking about everyday emails, tweets or those hostile and typically nonsensical online comments, but business documentation, communications, and social media postings that require a little more heavy lifting. I’m continually amazed by people who are masterful doctors, engineers, architects, software developers, and <insert career here>, who are insistent that they don’t need a writer because they can do it themselves equally well while maintaining their productivity and awesomeness in their regular job. To them I say, no. (Or, almost always no. There is always an exception or two.) Because writing well is not something that should be taken for granted. I certainly don’t, and I make my living by writing. I realize that because it’s something that people do every day, it’s hard to give it the respect I feel it’s due. And I’ll admit I’m biased since I’m a writer, but speaking is something we all do every day, yet I think most of us appreciate how difficult it is to be an engaging and impactful public speaker.

Which brings me, awkwardly and indirectly, to my real point. Do other writers experience the infuriating madness that I do which is having their muse visit only during the times when it’s impossible to capture the ideas that are magically coming together in their heads? For example, I come up with my best content during my showers. Or when driving in the car. But the shower, in particular, seems to produce content on a consistent basis that needs very little reworking. I’ll be in there with entire posts just writing themselves effortlessly on the fly. And I’ll repeat what I’m creating over and over to myself to help me remember the key phrasing, because to me it’s often all in the phrasing, so I can type it out as soon as I’m at my computer. I could really use some sort of waterproof device to record what I’m creating in there because it seems that when I step out of the shower, all the content goes poof and disappears. I try to recreate it, but it’s never as good. It’s never even close. And since I’m conscious, it’s not like the dreams I have where I believe I’ve come up with THE NEXT GREAT IDEA only to wake up and realize my dream was about a cheeseburger that sings.

So, what I produce is the result of hard work. It rarely comes easily. I’d like to take advantage of that muse, but I haven’t found a way yet. If you can tell me what I can use in the shower to record my thoughts, I’m very interested. But short of bringing a person into the bathroom with me to take dictation, and I’m not entertaining this solution, I’m coming up with nothing.