• Car concerts have been postponed indefinitely.

    I’ve stopped performing car concerts. For good. Well, that’s unlikely. For now. Sure, I miss belting out the lyrics (mostly I use the original lyrics, but sometimes I substitute new ones) and adding kick-ass dance moves as necessary. It’s one of my favorite car pasttimes, and I don’t even mind the stares I receive from fellow travelers. But I’ve found something I enjoy even more. At least for now. It’s Comedy Central Radio, and it has given me a whole new way to be weird while driving. Laughing out loud is a far more enjoyable way to zip around town than getting annoyed by people. Although I have to admit that I was unable to avoid rolling my eyes at the person who was weaving all over the place ON THE INTERSTATE. As I passed the driver I noticed that she was using her iPAD!! Seriously?!? Look, I’ve seen some ridiculous activities in other cars – I once saw a man consuming SOUP while navigating – but maybe a driver shouldn’t be playing with their tablet while driving? And it wasn’t like she was consulting the tablet for directions. She was swiping and typing. I had to drive beside her (while performing defensive driving manuevers) to confirm because I just couldn’t believe someone could be this crazy.

    BUT I DIGRESS — As I was saying, Comedy Central Radio makes driving a treat. And providing the opportunity for fellow travelers to witness my bizarre laughing out loud and/or pounding the steering wheel in glee at random intervals is just icing on the cake.

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  • Binge-watching? It has major bennies.

    Binge-watching_Lessons Learned

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  • I’ve missed it here!

    But I’m back now, and I’m doing this as I type this. Well, in my head. And, of course, in my head, I’m not a canine. Never mind…. I’m back, and I’ve missed this place.


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